EFPD Search and Rescue offers a variety of services which assist local, state and federal organizations in search efforts such as: 

Canine : Utilized for searches in wilderness, urban, and disaster situations. Capable of finding missing persons
· Children
· Adults
· Alzheimer’s
· Disabled
· Suicidal

Our canines are trained and certified in:
· Scent specific tracking/trailing
· Live area search
· Human Remains Detection (land & water)
· Cold cases

Mounted Equine:
Utilized for searches covering large areas of various terrain



Eureka Search and Rescue Association

Time is of the essence! 

The sooner you call us,

the sooner we can assist in search efforts

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Communications: We offer a mobile communications center providing:
· GPS tracking
· Radios (VHF & UHF)
· Detailed computerized Maps & Reports
· Drones
· Planning
· Resource tracking
· Rehab

Search Management: Available upon request. Managing all aspects of the search operations. Offering assistance in mutual aide situations.  Manage and account for emergent volunteers on a large scale.