Getting the Call

​​Become a Eureka Fire Search and Rescue volunteer.

Volunteers are a precious resource.

If you need to report someone lost or missing dial 911.  If you believe someone you know is missing, and before you call 911, gather this information.  The person's name, description with age, description of any vehicles, whom they might be with, last known person whom they had contact with, clothing or equipment, where they were going, what time they were supposed to be back, and what has been done to locate them.  There is no hard and fast rule about how long you should wait after you think a person is overdue before you call for help. Everyone in SAR would rather be called out and have the missing person show up 30 minutes later, than be called out too late.

How do we get called out for a search?  After a call comes into the 911 dispatch center and the local municipality is contacted, if applicable, our search team is then called out. 



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